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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 31, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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twenty eight the deal in paris and those are headlines for you this hour. every hour on the l twenty four received a lot from friends twenty four news from headline news updated every fifteen minutes in the morning and evening prime time on it makes a thirty point seven and underwent france twenty four got caught. sch. its receptor
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camera last month has been released. george london but was being held by islam the group vocal her on the french foreign ministers on his way to camera right now creeping back. michael schumacher's condition improved slightly. surgeons were able to operate on the racing legend the second time. some of the brain hemorrhage has been absorbed that he remains in a coma real details in this edition israel releases twenty six palestinian prisoners. after spending years in jail their welcome back as national heroes. with abbas. the move is intended to revive israeli palestinian peace talks breaking news on tours until the french priest was captured in northern cameroon last month has been released from the georgia font and it
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was seized in mid november and taken to neighboring nigeria is being held by a local islamist group the statement for the first presidency. thanks cameron in nigeria for helping to secure his release. when george and are essential for isn't it kinda songs that i mean can you give is i can use recap the story first give us a sense of background would we know at this stage. well we cut the queue was released in cameroon. so it's no quickly when he was in the last six weeks we had initial reports that he'd been taken it to nigeria across the border. in other words he recently being kidnapped in northern cameroon but it was suggests that he was taken by coco around the sun set which is based in nigeria from cameroon and nigeria. however when hearing that he was in fact northeast in cameron which is wet as he said the french more permanent state is on his way to bring the torch run in the back i'm now this is a forty two year old priest he was kidnapped
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me a heads up you can see there are no map the northernmost tip of cameron. he was working in a parish in the village me a heads up. and he was taken from his home by armed men on the fourteenth of november and then we heard a few days ago on christmas day i think the church officials said that he had to use the stuff of a fine and bush was doing well but he couldn't. divulge more details at that point it's all these facts the french have been working in tandem with the walker case of cameron and will stay with the nigerians to have him freed say we were stood still waiting for more details on how its forty section at the end just a few quick or perhaps on his captors book all around it's not the first time that if they carry out this current operation. that's right
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the friends family the only downfall in the eight were kidnapped and for every and held for two months in exactly the same area the french all of dc talk it's because of her aunts carried out an operation against jihadists in northern mali. and extremists have been looking for a revenge of the sense that was all good swim the dove off of colleagues from ready for its mass movement of him only of the french hostages have been killed in this pale body various extremist groups such as al qa'ida in the islamic maghreb book of her round. it has its paranoid and to teach them but they have been named to the will break with al qaeda affiliates in other countries such as the student in that same region and certainly they have an agenda which is also aimed at scaring. and kidnapping foreigners whether they be friends two of the western us. the tormentor the picture. just go. in
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moments ago the learned authors of michael schumacher gave a press conference that we fold line the phone calls until they see a slight improvement in his condition formula one champion is still in a coma. in the dock to see that the coming hours are crucial but they were able to operate on him for the second time since his skiing accident that caused severe brain damage with the stooges doctors. huge issue a new week. we have been to controlling the situation as in michael schumacher is now out of danger. but we have a bit more telling for all medical process. measured it yet and i can deal with don't reserve the next few hours will be crucial to his doctor told pti. would often say as some of the internal hemorrhage has been absorbed in his condition is no more under control than it has been at any point over the last four teeth out with the added that they were surprised by the improvement in his condition and that's
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what created the window of opportunity for them to operate on a second. twenty six palestinian prisoners were released from an israeli jail early tuesday morning to the third group to be released over the last few months as israelis and palestinians tried to revive peace talks. most of the prisoners went back to in the west bank were jubilant crowd celebrated their return. brown reports rapture is coming. more than two dozen palestinian prisoners released from israeli jails in the early hours of tuesday morning made their way to jerusalem the gaza strip the west bank friends and family gave them a hero's welcome. the only candy i have a feeling that i cannot express the twenty two he is my sons got married. we had holidays. we weren't happy. today this is a huge joint because of their adhesive my husband. i've
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been humming it. long time both films released wise men were delivered to these terms from three to gaza and eighteen were taken to in the west bank where the were greeted by palestinian president mahmoud abbas the feast day is the heartbeat rate for older groups. for our people. for our families. and for our hero prisoners. who were freed today to lead free yes most of the freed inmates serves nineteen to twenty two years for killing israeli civilians or soldiers. while they are healed by palestinians as heroes for fight against the israeli occupation israel the family see them simply as murderous and protested against their release. more than one hundred and fifty people marched on monday night in jerusalem. bearing pictures of their relatives
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the latest release of palestinian prisoners is the third of four such maths releases as part of the peace talks resumed in july. under a four minute drawn up by us secretary of state joined kerry. israel agreed to release a total of one hundred and four and long serving palestinian prisoners in order to restart peace talks with the palestinians whether putin has ordered security to be stepped up across russia after the twin bomb attacks that killed thirty four people involved were at thousands of security officers employed in the city which has begun to bury its dead. cynthia has more heightened security across russia after two suicide bombings targeted. well the ride. first let's check the city's main train station on sunday and arrested twenty four hours later a second bomber blew herself up on a packed rally bus during the morning brunch the attacks come just months after chechen rebel leader until kumar had threatened to
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target civilians including at the upcoming olympics in sochi this city is close to the caucus is when islamic militants have been waging an insurgency. international condemnation has been swift which offers of assistance coming from the united states diplomatic security personnel i have been out working the directions for many months and security the apathy work with our team out with high level officials also we provide us with the services to folks to be traveling there. so where i'm ready to support any way we can to help with the security situation. no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. the russian investigators believe the same people made plain old the bus bombing and blasted all the grads railway station the day before. in the democratic republic of congo the forum he fended off according to the texas today in kinshasa in other cities said the assailants were killed the security forces fought back for the course and some do was make friends
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with the images in its report disturbing. claire williams has the story elitism in each of these childhood stamina the government says order has been restored in the capital of the democratic republic of congo and on monday on scrapes attack state television station interrupting a toll share while to present is not on end. no one. nietzsche is identified themselves as connolly's they really just need a juice can be a dad shortly off to the national and port and on the head coaches who also attacked and fine team back counting the sixties and even vaccine campaign. he'll start he said calm had returned and i often do you know. yet still the forces of the reaction of the democratic republic of congo has armed forces and of our security forces in general it was quick and severe. in a jason is an act of self defense and our gc to overcome aggression he says
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that he'll start easy and fast said they were on show who was behind the attacks that same point the finger it is a knock on the piano. a pasta and who unsuccessfully challenged current president joseph kabila for the presidency in two thousand and six named by his fall away as is the attendant profit to come to be explained in a facebook statement that on forces had attacked his hand. bt telephone think at this support is carried out the insults in retaliation what we want to quote couldn't get it tomorrow. i think he's endured assailant it lives the one who has been dumped. seeing that happen my brothers from throughout four cents. and then. the ninety nations says its cheeks are on highndhat one un staff member was enchanting gunfire at the airport. for those interested the news desk and
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the juice again here on stove until the tokyo full recap for these people. i did. just once in a special edition of reports has a look back at some of the big stories here on frost i kept in twenty sixteen and also a chance to use a seat behind the scenes dusty gets here just outside par. we begin though with a memory of the foliage from colleagues who was killed while on assignment in my league. she sent to palm coast at all. but did not like soiree rebels in the dow was never that tried to highlight the plight of ordinary people in these conflicts. a full stomach that families and friends. in this difficult time. that
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story in molly's will be fl of great clothes no frost on attle report to matthew about was the man who is sent over that to follow that just remind you that islam is a mocking obama confronts decide that they have to send a minute you can tune into the those islamists of course aligned to al qaeda though some of those desperate to most in the world involved but also as we found some young and impressionable people. when when when when when when such a duty to make the right to demand the one while we are one fifty meters away we can intervene in at seven minutes. but i thought i would do. it doesn't all go spread the distance the two color to suit against aussie part of it added. the group closer to
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the attackers this posting today. hornby strokes the assault begins the enemies of troy's the point is ever in just a few minutes. there is the corpse of the bearded man over there i did what he's going to tear if lloyd young teenager. to calm him sought to increase his weapon down i'm your friend. but to put your hands on like this slowly the gospel. i guess everyone else back away you never know. yet it has to risk a migraine himself up first because he has left arm the sharks he's been wounded. while. ok don't move all the calls had been pursued your clothes take them off. your clothes off
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but don't you take them off i knew i wanted. from there and now you trust you take him off. that's fine you can put him back. easy on blog explosion. tension easy is it ok to maddie i come with me year two student chain the short to be writing the entry titled th. it added a candle to the folds of evil instead of ten. little fruit award said. is to be waiting for the french soldiers here aye aye aye the eye. every year you can put it back on
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before i can confirm that four people had been killed and one recipient. forty crore this screen shot dead an employee taken prisoner here you go somewhere. just minutes ago they had the guns pointed at each other. it's heaven. what's your name my name sebastian you shouldn't have been eying. what you want to leave. in the minutes when denise on seem superficial. the boy needs now is food. you were there to see the legion as betty is congrats. the procedures very brief. if you use tends to cover the goodies. the time
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receiving their exact location of the money in the army will take care of the transfer. one man. trust again involved in the second near a tree intervention in africa the cia began when the president sent off to repel the cross of anz's it was deposed. it's not to tear it into what looks like sectarian conflict that somebody could become a genocide. that into gas abbas issued to this a chilling insight into what's happening. one of the world's course states. it does. they say children suddenly emerged from the bush. scouts for the rest of the vintage while. oh well. where did though. we lived in the village. people came here they killed my father down then we run into the pushover
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that with our uncle. empty head. almost as soon as they arrive they going to tell the buzz about the un aid workers. then the women appear to share the calm way what lies between the fence down houses. but that support it. the book. and a quote. in front of the hostages. they were killed with machetes more creditors. one young man offered throughout the guy. netted three the school term for the nuts in the darkness tainted can come from any direction further down the trail we discovered two more forties the u n workers make sure to take photos of the scenes evidence and documentation for future investigation
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lola and i did. my rules of the streets fill with people searching for that no one many are wounded. those who are overwhelmed by greed this camp are trying to be the one from. the do any. it is. it's the two. noon. i hope. soldiers in school to you and offered to take charge of the survivors. let it happen. so does promise to take the women and children on the truck safety in the town of course in goa about fifty km away and that
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can stain it might honest and open their eyes the one common theme. was there with the contents in the view that show not just the country but the entire world the young woman. whew it onto a bus and can rent by six men should i face of recent injuries repeat and it seems become something that isn't treated seriously by the authorities report among the key. gallup found one company taking its own steps to show the security of the female stuff. thousands of young goats. one english scientists across the country. often they work extends lead into the night. setting them up is unexpected. one such company she couldn't see enough using the country's transport network the company provides transport for all its employees i think i will cost the city security get along with me. short and i'm right in the car number is
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well pieces in the car the defeat. i would have not taken this job. he met my family would have appreciated me that he has gone. the name pardon these days to be safe one dollars and one as he dangled that and i not love it did in seattle and i'm not safe on us. go global elite why cheney has been talking to the company's security team to set off from any more temptation. it does on other employees instead of cooking it is click on this. the zoo for seven. o k so you can see that in the details of the cab as to whether the decision of one of the cabin or does the exact location of the cap. as of now i knew it would speed and is being driven by that either. it is a problem in the cab even have bundled up in appleton said the two patients to get them but you know kind of support. science
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company has nearly ten thousand female employees and amazed as it seeks to protect them go beyond dropping them at school. after that he saw that it was what happened was that buyers face was red and all that i feel as though said that anything that happened on that issue the absence of wendy's on the streets. lauren all private companies are taking on the response of the dt for protecting their female employees. yeahh in the heart of the frost like that news room soon she saw film about one of the hot topics the ca confronts the rise of the far right which is manifested itself in many ways the treatment of immigrants both legal and otherwise in this country and also on the issue of gay marriage moon. who knew. i'm just a date in the hearts of the reason. on the twenty sixth of may a huge demonstration against same marriage with three sixteen bytes and it was clear that a radical new right wing fringe
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group and so it's in french wrong move. since the door to same marriage has cost than in the may th is the front seat stay between those who oppose it and those who support it. it's here because as logs that. khan radical feminist groups and are among the scriptures and from the extreme right these tents because the months since graduation. a new generation of protest. is it that because of the good report can be in the editing and this is the place where it happens the edit suite. a report on the left of me that the impact that would become the frontline of the civil war in syria and its famous mosque has become basically like a battlefield. one of the most visited places in
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syria is not the world because its unesco world heritage status of obama by a callous that strips and used it to rubble flowing. the retreat residents are still doing their best to give thanks. we checked into the days of leave. sources have no scruples about tell it to be with smoltz to be careful with the wickets. to get to it. he has to go through in his old seat. the constant involvement has left it was completely destroyed. it's made to the use of and she brings us to the mammon genetic theory the day with the entrance to a close grandma is going on over there but the sanction of
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the prophets that area. a yes no eulogies. going to summer in the area p s the free space. some security services still going to be inhabited island have to go behind the columns. is there a lot of sniper opening up the minute you get to see the extent of devastation left by paul often thought to be a venue again in one you want. two weeks a series called out before the rebels forty two. st streets tomorrow is the way i can keep them all. add to your opinion of the three stooges the every time working around the mosque. insurgents are going to look at it. it was through the gate. how would it. the flute students
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going out of the title above dylan did i doubt this is old soldiers never been to the airport. we found this album has a mosque when they ran away. rhiannon be jealous of folks like adding three luggages were killed all the reports iraq. hourly news bulletins with a tok about our last story in the special program types who by now the death and destruction equal to the philippines people that have their lives and livelihoods their homes completely wiped out reporters who i am still full from going to find out that getting on a lady's not getting through the key to managing somehow to come in spite of it. talk about is at the epi center of an actual disaster of epic proportions the regional capital of two hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants was destroyed. so by this struggle and it's the last expense of twisted ruins. decomposing bodies
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the oath ortiz up completely overwhelmed and a mass exodus has begun. we are heading south towards the coastal towns still cut off from the outside world. everything is scarce here was a brute power. one of coles petrol money given to the bnp have to wait in jail. alright whatever you've got to take it. i had a bottle the aussies. the other day this is done. the christian symbolism. life gets in this is the big guns not the people who don't the anger the frustration and a sense of abandonment make the roads and mix the survivors of type in your mind of struggling to come to terms with the new reality. less than thirty km
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south of talk about destruction is total. even though it is that how it taste bad. he goes up over the mississippi is that they need. the government say that they have been if it came at the present moment during the people of the great thing and even silly debate because our house is believed likely to be like the carry ons. we cannot avoid. we and the special edition with the tippy top of the drum a long block one of the three of them don't. mayor won the award for film that he made was being held in an ambush in the colombian jungle. he was that the colombian army men that fell into this ambush laid by the fall rebels. it is absolutely captivating during some for the judges judge benson competition. thank you watching this programme reports of course that sounds very shortly with more of the best from around the world to us. or. and it
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is. it was the eye. wind
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chc!vez would willingly. he tears as he pulled god according to the investigating authorities least fourteen people were killed in over twenty were injured. the bomb exploded on the number fifteen trolley bus near his ears keep the streak in full garb the blast blew out the windows and neighboring houses the crowded trolley bus travel during rush hour from the residential district of the city center. but it did not reach nearly fifty meters to stop by preliminary data the trolley came


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